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Back to School vacancies Entering September, Craig has rare vacancies, on Monday and Wednesday early evening for new keyboard and/or piano lessons in Fulwood, Broughton and Cottam or anyone happy to travel to his Ingol studio. There is space for three to four new piano lessons in Preston.

"Patient, funny and makes lessons fun!"

I have been having keyboard lessons in Preston with Craig for almost three years. He is a very good keyboard teacher and I have learnt a lot from him. He is patient, funny and makes lessons fun! I look forward to my lessons each week. Jake, Age 10: one-to-one keyboard lessons in Preston at Craig's studio

"I can not tell you how Craig has changed our lives"

My son had been playing piano for 5 years and at the age of 11 was in the final preparations for his Grade 4 classical piano when he informed us he wanted to quit. We agreed he should pass his Grade 4 and then he could choose. He took his exam in December and just failed, so we decided to try a new teacher. My initial requirement was to find a young male piano teacher in Preston that he could relate to. Craig agreed to take him as a student and he re-sat his exam and passed, and is now playing music that he wants to play (Coldplay and Vanessa Carlton to name just two). I can not tell you how Craig has changed our lives, we no longer ask him to play his piano and sometimes he gets distracted by his piano.

He is now thoroughly enjoying his piano lessons and playing at home, as I don't think he sees this as practice anymore. He now asks us to come and listen, where before we would be asking him to practice. The other day he mentioned that he would like to take his Grade 5 next year and he has already decided that music will be one of his options at school. A very happy parent in Wrea Green (whose son has one-to-one piano lessons at home)

"I have been able to play music I thought I would only ever listen to"

Although I had piano lessons for a short time when I was at primary school, I didn't get very far due to my reluctance to spend much time practising. I have always enjoyed listening to music though, and earlier this year I decided to have another go at playing the piano. Craig was recommended to me by A&C Hamilton's music shop, where I bought my piano.

I was quite nervous before my first lesson, which was in March 2009, as at that time I was barely able to read the bass clef and at 39, thought that maybe I had left it a bit late to start learning to play a musical instrument, but Craig was very positive and encouraging. He assessed my level of playing and gave me some pieces to practice. I am thrilled at the progress I have made since then. Craig chooses pieces that challenge me (including Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven), and although these have sometimes seemed impossible to start with, after a few weeks of work, I have been able to play music I thought I would only ever listen to. Mrs B. Burton, who has one-to-one visit piano lessons in Longridge

"Craig has given me the confidence to play again"

I am 54 years old and have neglected my piano for 35 of these years. I asked Craig to try to retrieve any ability I once had, simply so that I could occasionally "perform" - not for any qualifications or career benefits.

Through a mixture of encouragement and gentle pushing, Craig has given me the confidence to play again. He has introduced me to a whole new range of music, especially Ragtime, which was "out of bounds" with my piano teacher when I was young. This has turned out to be great fun & reignited my enthusiasm to play properly, rather than "muddling along" as I had been happy to before. Hilary Lee: daytime one-to-one piano lessons in Preston at Craig's studio

'I've been taking my piano lessons for 6 months and I'm taking my grade 2 next week!'

I've been trying to learn the piano on my own on and off for the past couple of years, but never really got anywhere. I've been taking lessons with Craig for nearly 6 months and feel like I'm improving every week. He explains things in a way that makes sense, helps me understand the reasons why I should play a piece in a certain way, and his methods mean that I feel confident enough that I'm taking my grade 2 next week! I'm looking forward to continuing my lessons and really getting to know the piano and music in general. Les Cochrane, 32: flexible one-to-one piano lessons in Preston at Craig's studio (and subsequently achieved a distinction in that Grade Two exam)

"Craig listens to what you want to do"

I have been receiving music tuition from Craig for nearly three months. In that time I feel I have progressed more than I did in the twelve months before with my previous tutor. The main difference has been that Craig listens to what you want to do, not just following a set syllabus week by week.

I went for keyboard lessons and now find myself learning both keyboard and contemporary piano styles of playing. I look forward to my lessons now each week. Stuart Braid (retired but still enjoy learning): weekly one-to-one piano and keyboard lessons in Preston at Craig's studio

"When work is very stressful I now have a wonderful hobby that helps me relax"

I am in my late 40's and decided some 18 months ago to finally learn to play the piano (it was on my list of things to do before I am 50 and something I have always wanted to do from being a child). Craig is a wonderful piano teacher and is very patient and encouraging. I do not have a lot of confidence but when I feel like giving up he always manages to give me the motivation to carry on. I thought that my lessons and practice might consist of playing scales for hours on end but this is not the case. Craig has shown / taught me a variety of styles of playing and I am presently really enjoying playing blues and jazz. I cannot say how much enjoyment I am getting from learning a new skill and when work is very stressful I now have a wonderful hobby that helps me relax. Sandra Brookes: weekly one-to-one piano lessons in Preston

"Finding Craig has kept my enthusiasm alive, and is generating new enthusiasm in my Grandson"

18 months ago, I decided I wanted to play the piano, mainly as accompaniment to back my (mostly blues) vocals and guitar. However, I didn't want to spend years doing exams and grades. I wasn't sure this would be possible but I was fortunate to find Craig; he quickly understood what I wanted, and tailored his lessons to fit in with my requests.

The major thing for me is how Craig keeps me musically correct whilst allowing me to have an input into the lessons. I have an idea of what I'd like to learn and Craig structures both theory and practical exercises into helping me achieve my self-set goals. I'm very pleased with the way Craig puts across what he wants me to learn but lets me think it's my idea!

As a spin off to my piano lessons, my 7 year old Grandson decided he'd like to learn piano too, and Craig now spends part of his Sundays teaching either end of the age spectrum. I just wish I picked things up as quickly as Dylan.

Finding Craig has kept my enthusiasm alive, and is generating new enthusiasm in my Grandson. Thank you Craig. Dave Parkin, at shall we say a 'mature age': one-to-one home piano lessons at home in the Cottam area of Preston

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